Q : If I have to install tracks and do curtains for 3 bedrooms and a living room, I have only $1K budget, is this doable for custom makes?
A : Although size of windows and the type of dressings used determine the cost, the height of curtains also make a difference as well. We have fabrics that fit into this budget for sure! Curtainz will present you with the options at no obligations, call us!!!
Q : Can custom made curtains be cheaper in cost than ready mades ?
A : Unlikely. Just as clothings, custom made clothings are much dearer than off the rack ones because they are made to fit only your specifications.
Q : Will Curtainz just do installation of curtain rails/rods alone or do curtain sewing alone ?
A : No, unless the materials are supplied by us.
Q : Of the 5 commonly used window dressings, which is the most economical in cost, list from lowest to dearest ?
A : Assuming the same size for comparison, custom made, lowest to the dearest in cost are:
Aluminium coloured Venetian Blinds
Roller blinds
Wooden blinds
Roman blinds

Note: Curtains fabric has a wide range. It could be as low as $10 to as high as $100 per metre. So that influences the cost too. Usage of motors in tracking systems make a big difference as well.
Q : For areas open to rain and strong heat especially in the yard areas or near outdoors, what is suitable which is both durable and practical ?
A: Attap chicks or outdoor perforated roller blinds.
Q : What other value added services are Curtainz offering ?
A: Consultants observe the window size, room's use, direction facing, color of walls and furniture to provide options. Each finished job represents the artistic expression of the client and the consultant.

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